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"My Quick Money Ideas That Worked" - Update!

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 11/28/2007 02:50:00 AM

I just received the following email with an update on the "My Quick Money Ideas" report that I posted here last week...The price has been raised to just $3.99...and still a great bargin at that price!

(start of email)

"My Quick Money Ideas That Worked: What I Did To Pay Off A $1200 Loan in 36 Hours, Finance A $2700 Event In 3 Weeks and Earn $331 For 2 Hours of Work".


1) The report is still available (see: My Quick Money Ideas )

2) Just not at the $1.99 price...THAT was limited quantity only.

I mention this because I received about 30 support tickets and emails today about why my email from yesterday said $1.99 yet the webpage says $3.99.

Apparently, an actual limited quantity (rather than just a made-up gimmick that some merchants would use) created this bit of confusion.

That really was a limited 2000 inventory and, at these prices, it's no wonder they went quick.

The last 211 copies pretty much "flew" off the digital shelves soon after I sent that announcement out.

As you'll note on the webpage, over 2104 (at the time of writing this) copies in total have been sold since the report's release approximately 8 days ago.

I posted some of the testimonials that have been coming in as well.

So if you've been "on the fence" thinking of grabbing a copy, you should visit: My Quick Money Ideas , then scroll to near the bottom and read through the testimonials.

See if that helps with your decision making.

$1.99 Limited Quantity is Now Sold Out

I decided to raise the price only to $3.99 to make it very accessible to anyone even remotely interested in some "quick cash" techniques that I've taken advantage of in the past.

There are 4 detailed examples in the report...In total, those 4 ideas have YIELDED OVER $5500 IN QUICK MONEY for me and the same steps could be repeated for even more.

So...I hope you'll agree that less than 1 dollar per full explanation of each idea is VERY fair ... err ... sorry, I meant UNHEARD OF!

BONUS Coming Soon

For those who purchased my new "My Quick Money Ideas That Worked" ... you also were given a copy of the 1st report in the series, "Dear Employee, Your Job Sucks", but ... in the next 48 hours, I'm going to send you a link to a third "getting started" report. You'll get that one absolutely for free as well.

I'll be in touch.

P.S. Don't have your copy yet?

Here you go...CLICK HERE : My Quick Money Ideas

With appreciation,
Rob Toth

(end of email)

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