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Affiliate Marketing Simplified

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 6/30/2009 10:22:00 PM

Rosalind Gardner, author of the Super Affiliate Handbook,
explains affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

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Links, Link Exchanges and Comments...

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 6/18/2009 12:17:00 AM

If you would like me to add your link, exchange links or for your comments to be approved, there are a few simple rules that will need to be followed.

Links and Link Exchanges:

Most of the links on my sites are ones that I liked or thought that my readers would like. I have never contacted them and ask them to link back to me. If those sites choose to link back to me, great.

If someone requests a link exchange, usually I am very happy to do so, if it is compatible to the blog it is being requested for...but there are limits.

  • Someone sent me an email request for a "link exchange". I liked what they had on their site and added their link to my site. Replied back to let them know that I had done so. I then received an email back stating "If their link was still there after 24 hours they would then consider adding my link to their site" . Excuse me? That is not a "Link Exchange". Their link has been removed.

  • Someone left this comment on one of my posts: " Your posts are waaaay to general. My site is much better than yours. Would you like to exchange links?". Ummm...No thank you and the comment was not approved.

  • Someone left the same thing on 5 different posts in one day. It was not a comment, but an ad for an affiliate product that went to their affiliate link. They ask me to "exchange links" with them. Are you kidding me? No thank you and the comments were not approved.

  • One person left 10 messages in a row at Blogcatalog "telling me" (not asking) to add their link to my sites. What? No thank you, their site was not compatible to any of my blogs.

I will not link to sites that have absolutely nothing to do with what my blogs are about. Nor will I link to any gambling or adult sites. Don't even bother to ask.


I will approve any comments:

  • That add to the conversation of the post they are left on.
  • That don't agree with what I have written. (You can disagree with someone without being rude and condescending to them and their readers).
  • Telling me about memes or awards.

I will not approve any comments:

  • That are rude, condescending (to me or my readers), hateful or blatant ads. (If you can't say something in a nice way, don't say anything at all).
  • That just says "hello, I was here...with a link to their site" and nothing else.
  • That are 5 paragraphs long and have nothing to do with the post they are left on.

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A Wacky Wednesday Dimesale

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 6/10/2009 12:15:00 PM

If you've been working online for any length of time, certainly you know that you MUST become a good affiliate marketer. Sure, you can have your own products, but there are sooo many great opportunities for affiliate marketers that many folks never even attempt to run their own site or make their own products...

They just happily earn thousands selling other people's products. And, hey, there's nothing wrong with that!

Today, you have the opportunity to pick up this excellent 58 page resource that will take you by the hand and make affiliate marketing not only a priority for you, but maybe the most important part of your business.

And, yes, it's running as a DIMESALE so the price is steadily rising...
Normally the Wacky Gals reserve their dimesales for the weekend, but today, they're just a little wackier than normal.

there's a catch...

The dimesale pricing ends "sometime this weekend" (they refuse to tell me exactly when) and even though you'll still be able to pick up this fantastic resource after the weekend, you'll have to pay FULL price.

Get on over there now before it goes any higher:
Wacky Wednesday Sale

To Your Success!

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The Pros and Cons of Selling Affiliate Products

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 6/04/2009 11:10:00 PM

So you've made the big decision that you'd like to work from home and that affiliate marketing on the Internet sounds like your ideal job. The next step to making any money on the Internet is to decide what you want to do. You'd also like to start making money as soon as possible and you don't want to fork out a lot of dough to get started.

If this sounds like what you are looking for then selling affiliate products might be your answer, at least to start.

The Pros of Selling Affiliate Products:

1. You don't have to have a website:
You can buy a domain name and use it to redirect to the product producer's sales page.

2. It is easy to get started promoting:
You don't have to take the time to produce a quality product, get testimonials, get the product set up on ClickBank, or write some killer copy.

3. You don't have to wear many hats:
Your job is to promote the product through your affiliate link and that's it.

4. Promotional materials may be provided for you by the product producer: Blog posts, articles, emails, and keywords you can use.

5. It doesn't take a lot of money out of pocket to get started:
You can promote it for free by doing article marketing. You can also venture cautiously into using Pay Per Click advertising.

6. You are not involved with customer support:
The product creator is in charge of customer support, answering questions, giving refunds, etc. There's no big worries keeping you awake each night because you are not ultimately responsible for the product.

7. You can tell how well a product is selling on ClickBank:
By looking at the stats they provide, if the product's track record doesn't look good, you'll think twice about selling it and pick something else.

The Cons of Selling Affiliate Products:

1. Promoting someone else's products:
You can only make a certain percentage of the commission whereas if it were your own product, you could make 100%.

2. You have no control over the affiliate product:
It's not yours to change around, up the price, make the sales page better, etc.

3. You are not branding yourself:
Selling an affiliate product will not help you brand yourself as an expert in your field like your own product can do.

You might have lots of serious competition: If it's a product that sells well on ClickBank, other people might know how to promote products better than you. You'll need to learn the best ways to promote, and each product may require different types of promotions to effectively make sales.

5. You must follow the merchants TOS:
You need to read the terms of service of the merchant's product to make sure you are following the rules. The TOS are not the same for every product, so be diligent in reviewing them.

As with anything, there are pros and cons of becoming an affiliate marketer. If, after going over everything you decide you want to give it a try, do some further research on affiliate marketing to arm yourself with all the knowledge you need to be a success.

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Top 10 Reasons Why The Mom Market Rocks

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 6/02/2009 05:49:00 PM

Did you know that companies are spending billions of dollars every year marketing their products to Moms? If you’re in the Mom market yourself, you know you’re in the right place. If not, then why aren’t you?

Services like Mom PLR eBooks make it easy for you to tap into this market, too. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room, as you’ll see in our Top 10 reasons why the Mom market rocks:

1. Moms make up a huge market. There are over 80 million Moms in the United States, with 1.4 million new Moms giving birth for the first time every year (US Census).

2. Moms send a lot of money. Moms spend $1.3 trillion every year (Marketing to Moms by Maria T. Bailey, 2002). Have I mentioned the Mom market is huge?

3. Moms make a lot of buying decisions for their homes and families. Moms account for about 50% of spending on consumer electronics, food, health and beauty aids, home furnishings, and clothing (MRI, 2004). If you’re still looking for products to promote to the Mommy market, let this guide you.

4. Moms are web savvy. About 70% of Moms surveyed say they use the Internet to research before buying products (Marketing to Moms, 2002).

5. Moms like to shop online. The majority of Moms say they buy products online (Marketing to Moms, 2002). I told you, you’re in the right place. Internet marketing is the way to go!

6. Moms read their Email. Moms check their Email messages all day long (Lucid Marketing & BSM Media). Whoever said Email marketing was dead, was wrong.

7. Moms take Email messages to heart. 71% of Moms say their buying decisions are influenced by Email messages (Lucid Marketing & BSM Media). Not only do Moms read your Emails, they act on them, too.

8. Moms make things go viral. 80% of Moms say they forward useful Emails to their friends (Lucid Marketing & BSM Media 2004). So make your Emails useful!

9. Moms buy, not only for their spouses/partners and children, but for their parents as well. Up to 40% of Moms reportedly are involved in purchases for their aging parents (Marketing to Moms Coalition, 2007). This is a wonderful insight - let’s remember that Moms are somebody’s children, too.

10. Moms rely on their communities or tribes. 64% of Moms say the recommendations of others influence purchases they make for their home (Marketing to Moms, 2002).

Moms are the chief financial officers of their homes (and many have their own businesses as well). They buy a lot of stuff, both online and offline. They rely on other people to make up their minds about what to buy, and they appreciate getting really useful information that makes their lives easier.

What’s the take-away lesson for marketers here? You better be marketing to Moms and you better be doing it properly. Moms are craving useful information - are you providing it? Moms PLR eBooks can help you give Moms the content that they’re looking for online. You’ll get high-quality content written just for Moms, to use in your websites, infoproducts, Emails and more.

Use coupon code “momsrule(without quotation marks) to get $10 off your first month of membership.

Give Moms content and products they love and they’ll spread the word for you. Moms ROCK!

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