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Links, Link Exchanges and Comments...

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 6/18/2009 12:17:00 AM

If you would like me to add your link, exchange links or for your comments to be approved, there are a few simple rules that will need to be followed.

Links and Link Exchanges:

Most of the links on my sites are ones that I liked or thought that my readers would like. I have never contacted them and ask them to link back to me. If those sites choose to link back to me, great.

If someone requests a link exchange, usually I am very happy to do so, if it is compatible to the blog it is being requested for...but there are limits.

  • Someone sent me an email request for a "link exchange". I liked what they had on their site and added their link to my site. Replied back to let them know that I had done so. I then received an email back stating "If their link was still there after 24 hours they would then consider adding my link to their site" . Excuse me? That is not a "Link Exchange". Their link has been removed.

  • Someone left this comment on one of my posts: " Your posts are waaaay to general. My site is much better than yours. Would you like to exchange links?". Ummm...No thank you and the comment was not approved.

  • Someone left the same thing on 5 different posts in one day. It was not a comment, but an ad for an affiliate product that went to their affiliate link. They ask me to "exchange links" with them. Are you kidding me? No thank you and the comments were not approved.

  • One person left 10 messages in a row at Blogcatalog "telling me" (not asking) to add their link to my sites. What? No thank you, their site was not compatible to any of my blogs.

I will not link to sites that have absolutely nothing to do with what my blogs are about. Nor will I link to any gambling or adult sites. Don't even bother to ask.


I will approve any comments:

  • That add to the conversation of the post they are left on.
  • That don't agree with what I have written. (You can disagree with someone without being rude and condescending to them and their readers).
  • Telling me about memes or awards.

I will not approve any comments:

  • That are rude, condescending (to me or my readers), hateful or blatant ads. (If you can't say something in a nice way, don't say anything at all).
  • That just says "hello, I was here...with a link to their site" and nothing else.
  • That are 5 paragraphs long and have nothing to do with the post they are left on.

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