"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis

"Never part with your dreams. When they're gone, you might still exist, but you cease to live." - unknown

Wishing you a...

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 12/24/2008 11:14:00 PM

and a very Prosperous New Year!

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Sunday Search: Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 12/21/2008 01:12:00 PM

Today I spent some time searching for "Easy Ways To Make Money Online".

I was amazed at the amount of sites that claim that they have the answer to this age old quest. Yet, after reading some of them, I realized that most of what was posted is the same information over and over again.

Very little or no instructions on how to accomplish this goal, but tons of sales pitches telling how "you must buy" whatever product they are promoting in order to earn that easy money. Needless to say I was kind of disappointed with my search.

While I did not find any step by step instruction, I did manage to find a few who provided some useful information on this quest for easy money.

Make Money with the Internet asked this question: Is There Really an Easy Way to Make Money Online?

The Marketing Professional Blog : tells us about How to Start Making Money in Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Online Blogs offers us the Best Way to Make Money Online - 5 Proven Methods

Duckeldanny shows us Nine Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

and information-overload lists 69 Ways To Make Money Without Leaving Home

While I know that making money online takes time and lots of hard work, I can't seem to stop hoping that someday I will find that elusive miracle called an "Easy Way To Make Money Online".

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Affiliate Marketing Predictions for 2009

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 12/17/2008 09:10:00 AM

Economy got you down? Think your chances of making a buck as an affiliate in 2009 are slim? Watch Rosalind Gardner's predictions video.

SuperAffiliateHandbookRead the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earned 436,797+ in 2002 and now earns MUCH MORE than that ... just by selling other people's stuff online!

In her down-to-earth, sincere and often humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the 'Net.

Frequently revised and updated to reflect industry changes, the Super Affiliate Handbook now consists of 235 pages and 235 screenshots that will show you step-by-step how to become a Super Affiliate. , you'll learn how to pick the best programs, negotiate a commission raise and save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting.

To learn exactly how she does it, Click Here.

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Free Download: Marketing to Moms Online Guide

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 12/10/2008 12:41:00 AM

Billions of dollars are spent each year by a certain group of people…and that group is everywhere we look. Yep, you guessed it – I’m talking about moms. Mothers are responsible for much of the household spending and influence the buying decisions of family members across generations.

If you’re looking to market more effectively to this group of savvy online consumers, download
Wendy Wood & Alice Seba free 9-page report:

"Quick & Easy Ways to Market to the Powerful Multi-Billion Dollar Market of Mothers Online"

This report shows you:

- Just how big and influential the mom market is.
- Why moms use the Internet & what they do there.
- How to reach moms and gain their confidence – all on a shoestring budget.

Your download is completely free and comes without any type of obligation.

Click here to get yours.

It is a PDF document and you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view it. If you don't have this software, you can get it here.

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Deciding On What To Do?

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 12/03/2008 11:24:00 PM

Making the decision to start a home based business can be pretty easy. Deciding on what to do is the hard part. We have so many options, that the decision can become overwhelming.

Not long ago, home business options were just about limited to direct sales or home daycare. Thanks to technology, home business possibilities are limitless, and new options are popping up everyday.

When trying to decide on a home business, it is important to think about your personality. You know yourself the best, and you know what you are interested in doing and what you are not interested in. You also have natural strengths and talents in some areas. The best possible situation is to find a home business that combines your natural talents with your interests.

Another important thing to factor in is the potential future of the business you choose. For example, if you currently have small children, your natural inclination may be to become a consultant for a direct sales company that sells toys or you may want to start a blog featuring information for mothers of toddlers.

That could be a great business for you right now, but your children will continue to age. Do you still want to be selling toys when your children are in high school? And do you want to keep blogging about the joys of potty training when your kids are off to college?

You don’t want to put a lot of hard work, time, and energy into a business that you are not going to be happy with in a few years. It is better to choose something that YOU really like and enjoy and want to keep doing for the long haul.

Another mistake to avoid is trying to juggle several businesses. When you have too many balls in the air, something is going to fall. For example, you may think you can handle a direct sales business, a blog, and a service based business. But you also have to remember that you have a life and your family and friends will want to see you on occasion!

Instead of going crazy trying to be a jack of all trades, specialize in one type of business. You’ll have much more success long term.

Starting a home business can be a very exciting time. Enjoy the process of figuring out the right type of business for you. Hopefully, the business you choose will be by your side for a very, very long time.

Recommended: Want To Build A Successful Online Business But Need A Good Blueprint To Follow? Work At Home Mom Success Blueprint Is The Answer.

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6 Newbie Checklists w/PLR...(100% Commish)

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 11/25/2008 09:22:00 AM

Hey Guys,

If you are targeting the "Make Money" niche, and want to help out your customers...this might be just what you need! I found this the other day, and I wanted to let you know about it.

Before I get into what the offer is, I want to first say that most profitable sub-niche in internet marketing is targeting the new crowd, newbies. There is so many new people coming into this market, and they are looking for easy, and useful information for them to get started with.

So that brings me to the NewbieChecklist w/ PLR, its great package that offers everything you need to start building a list of buyers, and target the newbies.

I am going to let the video explain the deal...

This is a perfect package to help out newbies, because its so simple. I am not kidding when I tell you that its so much easier to learn from a simple checklist than a long drawn out ebook… So give your customers what they want with these checklists.

You can easily brand them and put out as your own, and start helping your clients and customers out…

With these checklists you can…

  • Add them to your exsiting product and INSTANTLY increase the value and effectiveness of your product. Your customers will thank you for it!

  • ReBrand them and sell them in a neat little bundle like this with Resale Rights and start earning an extra income on the side without effort!

  • E-mail your list for a quick (huge) turn-around for your purchase price, infact you are start making a HUGE return right now!

  • Add this to your membership site, and help out your customers while adding huge value… without effort!

  • Create an entire new product based around these checklist, and create a new revenue model easily!

  • Use them as a simple coaching program. Every week they get a new checklist, and person coaching…

  • The options are endless!

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Claim "This Day" as Your Best Day!

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 11/24/2008 10:28:00 AM

From: SecretGuru http://www.ManifestTheSecret.com

Every day as we awake we have a stunning opportunity to decide to be happy or miserable, to look for the good or focus on lack. This video short reminds us that "This Day" is in our hands. Why not decide to make it Great?

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FREE PLR Package From Top Internet Guru

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 11/18/2008 08:25:00 AM

Jimmy D. Brown is offering PLR rights to some of his best reports and products (some NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED!) for a very limited time only. And, I said free and free you'll get.

In the spirit of Christmas, he's offering you his Bronze PLR Package free of charge and with no strings attached. Just go to the site and download the materials.

You don't even have to give him your email address to receive full PLR rights to the materials in the free pack.

The Silver And Gold packages are *literally* pennies on the dollar (try 97% off regular price for the gold pack!)

There are so many things you can do with these products -

* Create your own original articles.
* Build rebrandable reports.
* Edit them and sell them as your own.
* Convert them into audio products.
* Develop a coaching program around them.
* Stock a membership site with them.
* Extract parts for blog posts.

The ideas are endless...but the availability of these packages is not! So, I strongly encourage you to go right now and download the FREE Bronze PLR Package before it is no longer available and put your Internet Marketing Business on the fast track.

Grab the bronze package at no cost to you here: PLR Blowout

Take a look and grab the PLR pack that best fits your needs. You owe it to yourself to at least grab the FREE Bronze PLR Package even if you don't plan on using them until sometime in the future, you won't find better quality content for the price. You get full PLR rights to the article and report.

To Your Success!

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"Hello...I'm Trying To Work Here!"

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 10/24/2008 09:09:00 AM

or...How To Let Family Members Know You Are Not Available to Chat During Business Time!

If you run or operate a small business from home or work online, you may find your time is often interrupted by unexpected phone calls from family members who just “want to chat.” This can be a very frustrating experience for someone that relies on their business to ensure their financial stability and success.

If this describes a situation that you have been faced with, or are currently experiencing, rest assured you are not alone. You don’t have to suffer however. In this article I will show you how you CAN have a backbone and let family members know you’re not available to chat on the phone, without little to no conflict.

If you find yourself needing to reiterate to family members that you can’t just stop and chat anytime you feel like it during your work time, it’s probably best to send a subtle message at first. One way to do this (after you’ve explained it to them that is) is to attach an answering machine or voice mail to the line. Then (and this is the hard part I know) when the phone rings, regardless of what the Caller ID displays, avoid the temptation to answer it.

Allow the answering machine to pick up the call.
If you have a machine that you can hear the message a caller leaves as they are leaving it, resist the urge of picking up when someone leaves a message that they claim to be important. Everyone has something “important” to talk about, but not all topics are significant enough to interfere with your daily routine and achieving success.

If you find that this is a hard task to accomplish or just not possible, have voice mail added to your line so that you don’t have to hear the message right away. Then set a specific time each day to check the messages and return calls as necessary.

While we hope this is enough to get the point across, sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way with some friends and family. If you find after a certain amount of time that you have not received the peace and quiet you have to have during work time, it may be time to sit down and have a talk with these individuals.

It is often natural for those we are close with to take for granted the fact that you work from home. Especially if they don’t understand what you do or have never been in a situation where someone they knew ran their own business from their home office. They automatically assume that since you are home, you must be available at any time. Then there are those who realize you are actually working, but they may believe that you have more flexibility in your schedule than you do so they don’t think about things such as productivity and allotted time for certain tasks, including telephone chats.

One way that may benefit both you and those looking for a friendly conversation may be to give everyone a set time frame in which they can call you. This is one way to get your point across without making anyone feel like you are shunning them.
There will more than likely come a point in which, despite your previous attempts to get family members to call during certain hours, you will be receiving calls outside of those hours.

If this happens, you have to be certain to let them know, in a way that they understand, that they are interfering with your overall productivity, as well as the way you make money to support yourself and your family. Remind them that you would not call them on their job unless it was an emergency and that you would like them to so the same respect for your work.

It may come to the point in which you really have to get point blank with your family members. Let them know, however, that you enjoy talking to them on the phone but that there are certain times during the day that are more appropriate than others. Eventually it will sink in!

It can be hard to tell those you love that you are unable to chat on the phone during the time that you are working. However, it is something that you will need to come to terms with and do for the success of your business. In the end it will be beneficial and everyone will come around.

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When you are in business for yourself, especially one that is conducted online, you'll find there are a number of different things for you to learn about that can save you time and make you money. Outsourcing is by far one of the more exciting things to discover and put to use.

All too common is the business owner who feels they have to do everything themselves in order for things to go smoothly in their online venture. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! In case you’re curious about why so many online business owners are singing the praises of outsourcing, keep reading to see just five of the many benefits it can obtain.

More Value for Your Time
When you own an online business, one of the most important things to remember is how much your time is really worth. When you think about the dull or repetitive tasks that you are doing, you'll find this work is not worth your high per hour price tag! When you outsource, you'll pay someone else to take care of those responsibilities while you give attention to the more important, money-making projects.

Saving Resources
Think about everything that goes into the tasks that you would outsource. This will range from things like your time and space to costs such as Internet and software. After awhile all of these costs add up. For instance, graphics software can get quite expensive. If you are outsourcing an activity, you get more than just the task itself out of the way. You will also get someone who specializes in areas of your business that you may not know quite as well as or have no desire to learn. More than likely these people will already have the tools needed to complete their assignment. Depending on the project, this might save you money and learning time. This brings me to the next benefit of outsourcing.

Going to the Experts
The tasks you are outsourcing might not be ones that you have no desire to learn about, whether they are troubleshooting, manufacturing, taking orders, website design and maintenance, or something else. By handing the work over to an expert who enjoys and makes it their business to know these things, you'll be able to take advantage of their knowledge in the area without having to learn it yourself. This in turn will give your customers or clients more than you could possibly give them yourself.

When you outsource, you will soon realize that you are in a great place when it comes to getting more involved with your business. You will be able to expand and provide everything your customers need. Outsourcing frees you up to try new things with your business, learn more and experience new aspects of your industry.

When you outsource, you will have a contract with the person or company you are working with. By having someone else who is depending on work from you, you are more apt to stay ahead of the game by planning better and making sure that you’re tasks are getting completed as well.

When you first begin learning about and implementing outsourcing techniques within your business, you’ll find out those boring or repetitive tasks can easily be handed off to someone who enjoys doing them. This will allow you, as the business’ owner, to free up more time to concentrate on more important aspects of your business such as product creation, advertising, networking and other marketing practices.

These are the things that will help your business to grow even more profitable.

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As an online business owner, finding new ways to increase website traffic should be one of your top priorities. There are literally hundreds of ways to generate traffic. Some methods are free and some can be quite costly. The free methods are fine to use if you don’t have a lot of money starting out. But when the profits start coming in, you should invest some of that money back into your business with some great paid traffic generation methods.

Below are some vital things you must do if you want to get and keep quality visitors – before you even think about paying for your traffic.

One of the most effective ways to increase website traffic is to offer original, quality content on your site.  You should have information on your site that visitors cannot find anywhere else. Make sure the content is useful. Give out information that will help your visitors solve a problem, achieve a goal or be entertained. Update your site at least weekly with more quality information to keep it fresh.

Another way to get website traffic is to focus your content on the keywords related to your site.  This is called search engine optimization or SEO. The importance of SEO cannot be stressed enough. Don’t just stuff a bunch of keywords onto your site and think that you have optimized it. You want to make sure the keywords you use flow naturally within the content. Be careful not to overdo it with too many keywords because this can result in very low search engine rankings. SEO is a fine balance of the right keywords, in the right amount, placed in the right areas on your site. Become proficient at SEO and you will be unstoppable.

Now that you have your search engine optimized site up with original, quality, content, it’s time to get linked. This is a very powerful way to increase website traffic. Exchange your website link with other sites that are closely related to your site. Just be careful to only exchange links with high quality sites. You don’t want to ruin your online reputation by having links to junk sites on your website. By exchanging links with a website that is already doing a lot of traffic, you can get a lot of traffic of your own. This method is free and it works fast.

Finally, you need to advertise. There are hundreds of ways you can advertise your website. Find out ways to advertise from a reputable Internet marketer. This information will be like gold to you. Use the methods that he or she recommends and you can have thousands of visitors to your site each day.

Getting website traffic may seem like an impossible task at first. But the more you learn about traffic generation methods, the easier it will become. One thing that any website owner has got to learn is patience. Traffic doesn’t usually appear overnight. It builds up over time. As long as you are seeing a steady increase in the amount of traffic your site is getting, you are doing things right.

If you've been looking for simple, yet powerful ways to drive more traffic to your website - without spending a lot of money to do it - then you're in for real treat.  For a limited time, internet marketer Justin Michie is giving away a FREE report that shows you how he generates 100’s of thousands of unique visitors each month and how you can do the same.

For more information, or to download your free copy, please click here

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I recently picked up a copy of
Justin Michie’s Traffic Tips Report. Let’s face it, getting traffic to your website or blog is a never ending challenge. But it’s a necessary challenge, because without traffic you can’t do much of anything. So you are probably – like me – always on the lookout for new traffic generation methods and as many good ways to do it as you possibly can.

The Traffic Tips Report claims to do just that. This is a recently released report from expert internet marketer Justin Michie. Being an internet marketer himself, Justin should have a good hold on traffic generation. But as with anything online I thought it was worth taking a closer look. And the results were actually quite impressive.

For starters, the report doesn’t just show you a few ways to generate website traffic, it delivers 247 unique ways to get traffic to your site. Right from the start that’s something that any website or blog owner can use.

The methods outlined in this report should be able to increase your traffic significantly in just a matter of days. The great thing about this report is that it includes both
free and paid traffic generation methods. So whether you are just starting out and you have time to invest but little money, or you’ve been making money online for awhile and have the money but not the time – there are plenty of ideas in here to up your traffic stats.

Just don’t let the amount of ideas in here overwhelm you – don’t try to do it all at once, pace yourself! Some of the methods will result in short term traffic and others will result in long term traffic. If you start with a few of short term and a few long term methods from this report you can give your site a quick burst of traffic right away while building long term traffic. This will help your traffic grow quickly and still sustain itself so you’ll be getting plenty of visitors month after month.

The report has been reviewed by some of the most successful and well known internet marketers. Joel Comm and Willie Crawford both highly recommended it. Joel calls it a “really valuable resource” that all internet marketers should have. And Willie “recommends it to all of his clients and subscribers.” When you have endorsements like these you really can’t go wrong!

Another great thing about this report is that it will work for any type of niche. It doesn’t matter if you have a website on puppies or a blog about day trading. There are traffic generation methods in it that will work for everyone and every niche.

As we all know the internet is constantly evolving. To be successful, you have got to stay ahead of your competition. You can easily do this by using some of these unique marketing methods Justin has outlined. If you use just one of these methods, you could easily double the amount of traffic you are receiving.

So if you are looking for unique ways to drive more traffic to your site, you really need to look no further than the Traffic Tips Report. It's a no brainer decision!

Just imagine what could happen if you use ten, fifty or all 247? You would have a traffic explosion! All from one little report.

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The Viral Rebrandable Money Machines Giveaway is now open for members.

It's a very unusual  giveaway that Odinn Sorensen, David Schwartz and Willie Crawford are  hosting to give YOU a huge selection  (117 submitted at last count)  of free gifts that you  can rebrand and distribute virally and watch commissions come in on autopilot, month-after-month, year-after-year.

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To Your Success!

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There are many ways to manage time while working online. The computer, Internet, and various other types of activities that can be pursued while working may prove to be quite overwhelming when it comes to time restraints or deadlines. If your income is dependent upon the financial success that you achieve online, it is absolutely imperative that you take the time to ensure that you are maximizing each and every minute of your working time.

Productivity is an extremely important element to the overall success of an online business. In order to reach a high level of productivity, time management skills are a must for every home business owner. Here are five ways to help manage your time while working online in turn boosting your productivity and hopefully income.

1. Reducing the amount of time spent on the telephone.

One of the biggest time restraints that individuals experience are telephone calls. It is quite easy to experience a severe time lapse while working due to unexpected calls, long conversations, and even calls that are necessary for the overall functionality of your business. One way to manage this aspect of your time is to turn off the ringer and purchase an answering machine or subscribe to voice mail. Then, you should set aside a time each day to check your messages and return calls as appropriate.

2. Avoid the act of constantly checking email.

Just like the phone, this can take up a lot of your time. You should set aside small chunks of time on a daily basis where you can go through your email and respond when needed. For the average eight hour work day, I recommend setting aside up to four intervals of fifteen minutes a day to handle the task of dealing directly with email. While this may seem like an awful lot of time at first, you will find that it actually saves you time in the end.

3. Dealing with your children when you work at home.

You may want to consider setting up a schedule in a way that works well with the schedule of your partner. This way, your partner can contend with the kids and you can focus on your work instead of sitting down to work and getting interrupted after 5 or 10 minutes. If this is not possible, you may consider implementing the services of a babysitter, daycare or mommy’s helper a few days a week. This way, you aren’t neglecting your business or your family.

4. Dealing with friends, family members and neighbors.

If you want to learn ways to manage your time while working online from home, it is important to express to family members, friends, and neighbors that you work at certain times and it is important that you are able to maintain a sound level of productivity while working. Come up with times that these individuals may call you to chat or come by for a visit. Although not always intentional, these friends and family will end up testing you initially and drop by and call anytime. However, if you let them know it is not acceptable and set up appropriate times for these activities, you will find yourself getting more accomplished during these times.

5. Take breaks.

Yes, I said it! You may not believe that by taking a break you can actually increase your overall productivity, but it is quite true! Why do you think employers allow their employees to take small breaks? It allows the employee to experience a short time of relaxation and also provides them with the opportunity to refresh! You can experience this too, so be sure to work in those breaks and take them – you can always finish what you started when you get back!

As you can see, there are a number of ways to successfully manage your time while working online. Sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity and persistence to come up with successful time management techniques. Here’s to a better organized and more profitable online working environment.

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You Need Traffic For Whatever You Do Online

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 7/04/2008 01:27:00 PM

Every day there are thousands of internet marketing start-ups that fail. The simple truth is this: the internet is as vast as the world. Nobody knows about you or your product and nobody cares about it. Just like they say...you can be selling $100 bills for $1 and will not be able to make any sales. The only thing that could save you, the one and only thing you need for ANY online venture is:

- Website Visitors... or

- Website Hits... or
- Website TRAFFIC!

George Pluss is a master of traffic generation. He drives millions of targeted visitors to his sites every year. What does this mean for you?

Well, George Pluss has started another Dime Sale and he is giving you the exact system that can drive traffic and cash to your websites. He is not going to show you thousands of techniques. He'll only share the very best - the cream of the crop - that the most successful marketers are using right now to build their businesses. And George is going to break the process down in simple terms so anyone can put it to use almost immediately!

Would you like to learn about "101" different strategies that produce little or no results? Wasting your precious time and resources in the process? Or would you like to use only those strategies that, once put in place, can continue to generate quality traffic to your site indefinitely!

The methods that you'll discover work even if you have NO Money to advertise. Actually this system was designed to start WITHOUT paying anything upfront. Yes, there are paid ways to jump start your efforts, but they are not needed at all. All you need to invest is your time. And even that will not be a lot - you can work part time, 30 minutes per day is enough.

I think the answer is obvious! Click the following link to instantly learn what he has for you today:

When you get there, you'll fall off your chair when you see everything George has to offer you. And believe me, you don't wanna miss it.

P.S. This is one of George's famous Dime Sales. So that means that you can lock in the price
and grab the whole shebang and as I write this the price is still under $5, but it's increasing with each sale! Just lock your price in now and read the nitty-gritty details there. You are not charged a thing for doing that!

Plus, I need to tell you that you also get 100% commission from each sale after you get in? And the current conversion is about 48%! Can't get any easier. Your purchase could easily be free!

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Top 10 Questions When Starting an Online Business

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 7/02/2008 12:40:00 AM

What are the reasons to begin an online business?

Many people begin online businesses for various reasons, ranging from needing more money to expanding a hobby so they can quit their day job. Whatever the reason, there are questions about starting an online business expressed by budding entrepreneurs.

Here are ten of those questions that rank among the top.

1. How do I get started?

You may have an idea but that is not going to get you on the Internet. An online presence is required to begin a business that uses the Internet as its base. People have to be able to see you.

2. What does it cost to begin an online business?

The costs depend on the service or product you are looking to sell to the public. If you possess the basic materials needed to get the business up and running, you could spend as little as a few hundred dollars to get started.

3. What equipment do I need?

First of all, you need to be sure that your computer is as up to date as possible to handle new applications. You will want to be able to manage your business at a speed that gets things done in the least amount of time.

4. How much time does it take to get set up?

That depends on your expertise in website design. You can go it alone or hire a company that does website set-up. By using easy to follow templates, you can set up your website in no time.

5. What name should I use?

Your name identifies you from everyone else. Doing a domain search will let you know whether the name you are thinking about is already taken or not.

6. Do I need a web host?

Every website needs a web host to manage it. When choosing a host, be sure that they can accommodate the bandwidth you will need for you site. If you plan to upload pictures, open a virtual store, play videos, and more, you will need a web host which can expand your space as you need it. Don’t just choose the cheapest host. Look for one which will meet your needs now and as your business grows.

7. How long will it take to make money?

That is up to you. In order for people to know that your services are available, write a detailed marketing plan so that once your website is up, you can begin implementing your plan.

8. Is website rank important?

It is very important. Most people including myself don’t look past the first page of results for a web search. You want your website to come up somewhere on that first page so you will get noticed.

9. How do I get the word out about my business?

Visit business forums, join associations pertaining to your business, and do a bit of social networking. There are many ways to get the word out if you are willing to work them.

10. How do I get paid?

For services, most businesses use PayPal. It is a way to set up a secure account that can be used to pay for services and receive money from clients and customers. Most people that do business online are familiar with PayPal. You can also set up your site to accept credit card payments.

If you’ve had these questions, you are not alone. Use the advice to get things going in your business.

Recommended Product:
"Working From Home™ Secret Report"

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3 Ways You Can Earn Extra Cash from an Online Home Business

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 6/24/2008 01:02:00 AM

Do you want to earn extra cash?
Are you finding it hard to make ends meet with your basic salary from work?
Are you a college student who needs extra money but can't find a job that can suit your busy schedule?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may want to start an online home business. However, if you want to earn money from an online home business, you need to know how it works and how you can make it work.

First of all, thanks to the internet, people are now able to transact business online. In fact, even teenagers and college students are now earning money online by setting up their own online home business. However, you need to remember that starting an online home business is no different from starting a traditional business.

For this, you will need to plan and research the type of online business you want to set up. By doing so, you will be able to know if the business you are planning to set up will work and also know how you can make it work.

So, here are a few of the business ideas that will be able to let you earn money.

For this, you will need a website and lots of quality traffic. You need to remember that quality traffic is the key for you to succeed in this kind of business. After setting up a website, you need to join an affiliate program. You will see that your affiliate or partner will provide you with all the necessary advertising tools, such as banners and links, which you will place in your website. If a customer clicks on your link or banner and purchases the product, you will be able to earn a commission. Maintenance is minimal for this kind of online home business. All you need to do is write a few articles every week that is related to the product that your affiliate is selling for your website and also for article publishing websites.

2. Advertising

Google Adsense Ads placed on your website can earn you about a cent per click to forty dollars per click depending on the ads you post in your website. Even if you don't have a great website, it will still be able to earn you some extra cash. However, if you are serious about making money through this type of home based business, then you will want to make a good website that can attract a lot of quality traffic.

3. Customer Service Representative

Today, a lot of companies are now outsourcing their customer support services. In fact, they will even hire people at home with the proper computer, environment, equipments, and internet connection. This is a very lucrative business as you will only take or place calls. Some companies can even cover your internet expenses. If you have some extra time, then this type of business is for you.

These are just a few of the ways you can earn money from an online home business. By following the tips provided, you can be sure that you will be able to earn that extra cash that you need.

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A Few Do's and Don'ts of Internet Marketing

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 6/22/2008 10:40:00 PM

What is worse than not marketing your website/blog? It is getting bad backlash from doing the wrong thing. When you are getting a bad rap, people may avoid you like the plague.

If you are not marketing yet or need to change how you are marketing, here are a few internet marketing do's and don'ts to keep in mind as you go forward from this point.


1. Keep the name of your website/blog short and to the point. Choose your words carefully. When it comes to reading something on the Internet, shorter is better. People lose interest quickly and a long name will not be catchy enough to stay on their minds for very long. This is a business that you want to keep going for a long time.

2. Use your signature line in forums and on emails. The signature line is not just for your name anymore. Include the name of your website/blog, a brief description of what it is about, and the website/blog link to find your main page. Be sure to check with the forum TOS to find out what you can and can't do as far as trying to get free advertising.

3. Do advertise offline to the local community. The local community is another sphere of influence that will help you spread the word about your website/blog. If money is an issue, try to find cheap local directories, newsletters, advertising books for special events, and the word of mouth method to advertise with. Talking to people in the beauty shop, barber shop, church, and club meetings can earn you hundreds more visitors to your site. Hand out your business card whenever possible.

4. Learn all that you can about search engine optimization. The idea is to be ranked somewhere in the top ten of search results for as many search engines as you can. Most people only look on the first page because they assume correctly that they are the best places to find the information needed.


1. If you ignore the rules of posting information about your website/blog on forums, they will boot you out. This type of blatant solicitation is prohibited on most forums. They let you use your signature line but adhere to the rules of what you can say.

2. Adding a lot of extra frills to your website/blog page will not make it more attractive to the search engines. People who visit may like the bells and whistles but they won't be able to find you to admire them if you are consistently placed low in the page rankings.

3. Take a long time to respond to visitors/customer service issues. When visitors/customers send you an email about a broken product or have a question, answer promptly. If you do not they will tell everyone that they know about your bad service. That type of word of mouth marketing you can do without.

Internet Marketing strategies will either help or hurt you. It takes time to see what works best so try as many as you can. Remember that the object is to attract customers, not chase them away.

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To Your Success!

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One of the major costs of any business start-up is advertising. No one will buy your product if they don’t know that you exist. But, Internet Marketing takes money, right? Yes it does usually, but if your funds are limited, you can find ways to get started without spending any money.

To market for free online you have to start thinking free. What would entice you to try someone’s service or product? I look for information all the time on the Internet about how to get started in this or how to improve that. The one thing I hate to see (and I did say hate) is an offer to buy a program where some information should be.

I am more likely to revisit a website if they give me something to work with. Sure I will buy your product, but if I want information, I’m not going to pay when I am not sure it is even the information that I need. Consider giving potential customers a little taste with some tidbits to whet the appetite.

Offer free e-courses on your site. A site that is geared towards selling crafting supplies could offer e-courses in how to sew, or how to create crafts for flea markets. The e-courses should be geared around your product. You have told them about creating crafts and making money at flea markets, so they will now come back and buy their crafting supplies from you to get started.

Let’s say that I wanted to know how to grow vegetables. I need an easy guide. I would pay for that guide on your website but not without some proof that the information would be to my advantage. Upload free videos for customers to watch on various aspects of growing vegetables. The videos could be about choosing the right seeds or when to plant. You don’t have to steal information from your guide, but demonstrate other things that are important to vegetable growing that they would be interested in.

Give your customers an offer they can’t refuse. For a certain dollar amount spent, they get a free report on a choice of subjects. Have contests where the condition for entering is joining a free forum on your website. Once they are there, you can reel them in with other advertising strategies.

There are other ways to get the word out and keep people coming back to your website. Join social networking sites, forums and post on message boards. Talk about your business and what it offers to customers. Never miss a chance to advertise what you do and how people can find out more about it.

Internet Marketing in ways that take very little to no money involves creativity. With the entire world at our fingertips via the Internet, we can market our product in a number of places without spending a fortune doing so.
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13 Keys To Riches

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 6/02/2008 02:36:00 AM

Discover The 13 Steps to Riches and How each step gives you unique power!

It's not only educational but it's exciting and fun (because of the animation, passionate pictures and soothing music)!

Based on Napoleon Hill's legendary

From: markflour

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Many marketers' for some reason do not sell Resell Rights/Private Label Rights products.

Imagine this...you just finished writing your ad for your resell rights product(s) you just put together. You then send your very first ad promoting Resell Rights/Private Label Rights products...at the end of the day you have 5 sales for a product that cost $27. Not bad since you did not have to create the product or write the sales letter. Your effort only took about an hour.

That's why it surprises me that more marketers do not take advantage of Resell Rights/Private Label Rights products especially when:

* You can sell the product and keep 100% of the profits

* You can set your own price

* You can put your name as the author

* You can make the contents into articles

* You can resell the Master resell Rights

* You can sell them on auction sites

* You can use them as bonuses

* You can add into your membership site

... and much more! You can do ANYTHING you want with them. On top of that, these products are "dirt cheap" to buy.

Part of the reason why more marketers do not take advantage of PLR products could be that a lot of marketers are newbies and simply do not understand the value and benefits of resell rights products.

Who should be interested in Resell Rights Products?
You should be interested in selling resell rights and PLR products if:

a. You DO NOT currently have an online business? This is a very easy and fast way for you to get started.

b. You DO currently have an online business but want to add an extra revenue stream. This is an excellent opportunity to add an extra revenue stream to your business with very little effort required.

c. You want to profit with resell rights but have been unsuccessful or have made very little money with resell rights. This is probably the missing link to finally profiting with resale rights and you are want to a turnkey resale rights businesses in a box.

d. You don't have the time and money to create products. The work is already done for you. Most resell rights products have ready made sales pages. Simply add your payment URL and you are ready to make money.

e. You don't have several thousand dollars required to buy Resell rights Products or PLR products to get you started.

If selling resell right products are right for you then...I highly recommend that you take a look at the new
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These are not crappy products either. These are the real deal. I am talking about totally high quality products...some are only days old. Plus, you get a TON of training including; step-by-step videos and tutorials on how to set up resell rights and PLR products. This is the most complete Resell Rights business-in-a-box on the net.

So as you can see...this opportunity is for ANYONE who wants to make more money on the Internet, even if you are a complete Newbie! The bottom line is that this package includes all the products for you to have your own wildly successful Resell Rights business.

Check it out now:
MEGA Extreme Bargain Resale Rights

To Your Success!

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Your business isn’t growing. There could be any number of reasons why it has happened.

Maybe it’s because you’ve lost your passion.
Maybe you’re overwhelmed.
Maybe you just don’t have enough time.
Maybe you’re disorganized.
Maybe your staff is inefficient (or maybe you are)
Maybe you don’t know how to grow your business to the next level (or maybe you don’t want to do what it takes)

Regardless of the reason why your business isn’t growing, it’s time to stop making excuses and do something about it. You worked REALLY hard to get to this point. You spent time, money, and a lot of energy to build your business. Certainly you’re not going to let it fritter away.

Here’s how to stop making excuses for why your business isn’t growing:

Step 1. Figure out why it isn’t growing.

Perhaps your product line is stagnant. Perhaps you’re only reaching 10% of your eligible prospects. Perhaps your sales page isn’t converting or your advertising campaign isn’t reaching the right people. The first step to figuring out how to stop making excuses is to honestly examine why it isn’t growing. The reason may reside completely in you – perhaps business got too big too fast and you don’t have time to catch up let alone build your business. This leads us to the next step.

Step 2. Decide if you want your business to grow and if so, by how much?

In short, if you do want your business to grow then set goals. If you’re making $500 in sales then maybe you want to set a goal of $5,000 in sales. If you have a customer base of 100 regular customers maybe you want to double it. Set reasonable and attainable goals.

Step 3. Analyze what is working to help you attain your goals and what isn’t working.

For example, if you want to attain $5,000 in sales but you’re spending 50% of your time on administrative duties then your time isn’t being well spent.

Step 4. Make a plan to eliminate what isn’t working.

Using the example in step 3 if you’re spending 50% of your time on administrative tasks then outsourcing some or all of those tasks will free up a significant amount of time. Time you could spend on selling and reaching your new goal.

Step 5. This is the best part. Create a reward for attaining your goals.

Part of the motivation to attain a goal, beyond self fulfillment and feeling very proud, is giving yourself a little pat on the back. Some may pat themselves on the back with a two week vacation to Hawaii, others prefer a new pair of shoes or a week off to go camping with their children. Whatever the reward, including it in your plan may be the extra motivation you need to get beyond excuses and into action.

Entrepreneurs are goal oriented, action oriented people. However sometimes life gets a bit out of control and instead of action, excuses fill the void. Regain your entrepreneur spirit, eliminate the roadblocks and hurdles and set new goals. It’s the best way to stop making excuses about why your business isn’t growing and remember why you got into business in the first place.

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Illustration of the concept of affiliate marketingImage via Wikipedia

Thanks to the Intenet, the affiliate marketing industry has grown significantly over the years. The concept of affiliate marketing, which is based largely on revenue sharing and commission-based payment schemes, has been around for many years prior to the advent of the Internet. It is now a multi-faceted industry that is highly complex, diverse and is a huge business which continues to grow. Increase your chances of success by using these affiliate marketing resources:
Affiliate Marketing Information
As an affiliate marketer, you must constantly keep yourself updated about news, trends and current practices in the industry. Related blogs, forums and websites are another affiliate marketing resource you shouldn't miss. Learn from other affiliate marketers and find out about how you can improve your own results.
Read other affiliate marketing sites such as: Super Affiliate Mindset, Shawn Collins' Affiliate Marketing Blog, Super Affiliate Marketing Blog, Uber Affiliate, A Best Web, AssociatePrograms.com, 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums, and Webmaster-talk. You can learn from the content provided in these sites and even build your own network of contacts.
Free Keyword Tools
Affiliate marketing programs work best when they are designed to target a specific niche or segment of the market. This is where keywords can play a major role. Using a good keyword tool becomes an excellent affiliate marketing resource. It can help you search for keywords that are relevant to your affiliate program.
Try keyword tools such as Google AdWords: Keyword Tool, Free Search Term Suggestion Tool byKeywordDiscovery.com and Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker. Google Adwords can help you search for keywords based on their relevance and will even suggest keywords you can use. The statistics indicating competition can be very useful also. With these resource tools, you could start creating keyword-rich articles, categories, ads and links for your website.
PDF Creators
Sometimes in the course of your affiliate marketing business you will have to produce written reports and e-books to either promote your affiliate program or products. You will need to use a PDF document creator such as Adobe, pdf995, PrimoPDF and Open Office Writer to create your documents. You can then embed your referral links in these documents so prospective affiliates and customers will find your website.
Building Traffic
Your website's traffic is a goldmine. Traffic is where you'll find prospective affiliates, partners and customers. Without strong traffic, it would be difficult for your business to grow. Some affiliate marketing resource tools you can use include:
1. Statistics
To use traffic as an affiliate marketing resource, it's important to learn how to interpret it. Information collected from the traffic you receive is an excellent basis for learning about how your business has been performing and if there are any changes you need to implement. Use free tracking tools such as StatCounter and Google Analytics to learn about the type of traffic your website has been attracting.
2. RSS and/or blog directories
If you have created articles that are optimized for search engines, you can maximize their exposure by submitting them to directories that contain RSS and blog collections. Since these websites categorize their entries, it's easier for your target market to find you and learn about your affiliate marketing program. Here are just a few: RSSfeeds.com, RSSTop55, Free Directories with high PR, and Free RSS Submission Directories List.
3. E-mail Auto Responders

Some of the most successful affiliate marketing programs target and maintain big mailing lists that they use to promote their products to. You'll have to set up these auto responders so you can efficiently manage your own mailing lists. Consider resources such as AWeber, FreeAutoBot and GetResponse.

Recommended Product: Ready to get started in affiliate marketing? Super affiliate Rosalind Gardner can show you how with her Super Affiliate Handbook.
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SuperAffiliateHandbookRead the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earned 436,797+ in 2002 and now earns MUCH MORE than that ... just by selling other people's stuff online!

In her down-to-earth, sincere and often humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the 'Net.

Frequently revised and updated to reflect industry changes, the Super Affiliate Handbook now consists of 235 pages and 235 screenshots that will show you step-by-step how to become a Super Affiliate. , you'll learn how to pick the best programs, negotiate a commission raise and save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting.

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