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6 Tips to Take Your Affiliate Marketing to the Next Level

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 5/30/2010 01:36:00 AM

If you are doing affiliate marketing, your earning potential can be unlimited. Since you don't need to deliver the product or provide customer service, you can focus exclusively on earning your affiliate commissions. But too many affiliate marketers don't live up to their potential. If you've determined that you will, here are some ways you can take your affiliate marketing to the next level.

1. Start a blog

  • Attract people who are interested in the products you’re an affiliate for by starting a blog. Keep it updated with fresh and informative content. Many affiliate programs will give you prewritten blog posts you can copy and paste into your own blog as is. However, it is better if you write your own. The search engines will like them because they're original content. Your human visitors will enjoy reading something they can't find anywhere else.

2. Start an opt-in email list
  • An opt-in mailing list will give you an opportunity to follow up with your prospects. When people come to your blog because of the exciting content you have there, you want to be sure to capture their email addresses. Once they're on your list, send them informative emails regularly so they don't feel like you're always selling to them.

3. Write your own product reviews
  • To sell an affiliate product effectively, try it out for yourself and write a review. Affiliate programs sometimes offer product reviews you can copy and paste, but it is best to avoid using those if you can. You will be more sincere, and more compelling if you write your own. Many affiliate programs will give their affiliates free or discounted prices for this very reason. Try the product or service you're selling and write your own honest reviews. 

4. Buy your own domain name
  • Forget those long, unattractive affiliate links. Purchase your own domain name and redirect it to your affiliate link. When you want to direct someone to your affiliate link, it will much easier for everyone to remember. When you post your link on your blog or send it out to your email list, people will be more likely to click on it if it looks like a real website URL.

5. Create articles, press releases and/or videos
  • Write articles about a topic that's of interest to your target market and submit them to article directories. Write a press release about how this product helps solve a newsworthy problem. Record a video of yourself using the product. 

6. Offer an attractive bonus
  • After you've convinced your prospects to buy a product, how can you be sure they will buy it from you instead of your competitors? One way is to create an attractive bonus offer. Make sure that it will add value to the affiliate's product. Then give it to everyone who buys through your affiliate link. You may want to let the affiliate program owner know you're doing this and make sure it's allowed.

Following these suggestions can help you take your affiliate marketing to the next level. Remember that as an affiliate, your earning potential can be unlimited. Now it's time to fulfill that potential.

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