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The 'I Need Money' Solution for the Cash Strapped Christmas Holiday Season?

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 11/19/2007 11:30:00 PM

Here's a thought...

Create an ebook right prior to the cash-strapped Christmas holiday season about the exact ways that you've made a few quick bucks (not just general knowledge you heard somewhere) and release it for a near-charity price ...

Do you think you'd generate a bit of buzz?

That's what's happening with "My Quick Ideas That Worked".

And I've just read it.

Let me give you the pros and cons of "My Quick Money Ideas That Worked: What I Did To Pay Off A $1200 Loan in 36 Hours, Finance A $2700 Event In 3 Weeks and Earn $331 For 2 Hours of Work".

This report, by Rob Toth, is the 4th installment from his "Dear Employee" brand. The first 3 are all a great read so I wanted to see what this 4th book had to offer.

First, here are the three pitfalls of the report that I want to mention.

1) There's a section in it of a "lesson" he wants to point out from an email that was sent by a customer (who misunderstood one of his offers). Sure there's a lesson to take away, but it ran a little long (6 pages or so).

2) This book may give some "little gems" for experienced marketers but not much else. Anyone already making a full time living online will see nearly all of his strategies as review. I do say NEARLY all as Rob had a couple of "tricks" that he explains in his case studies which are still worth the investment in reading this even for experienced online marketers. But it's mostly for the "haven't started" or "just getting started" folks.

3) Cross promotion. The report has a few links to the resources he references in the case studies. But that's expected. After all, this isn't a general "how to" and "theories" book. It's a look at what HE did and how HE did it.

Which brings me right into the "pros" ...

This "My Quick Money Ideas That Worked" report is practically free so there isn't really a "money" investment.

But even a free product could still cost you (time) if it's pointless...

This book is hardly pointless.

Flat out, the #1 reason why this is absolutely worth the time investment is *because* it's not another general theory book.

In the mix of all of the ebooks that are released every week on general concepts and "how to" technical books, it's good to instead get a very detailed look at four ideas that one marketer used to create "emergency cash" for his own needs.

Not just ideas they want to sell you on... but ideas and steps that they use for their own needs.

Each idea is actually somewhat different from the other.

He talks of what "sparked" the idea. Why he chose to act on it. What steps he took. Why the strategy was effective. And he has screenshots where needed. It could go into a bit more detail but it certainly doesn't leave much to the imagination seeing as it flows through every point like a conversation.

In fact, that's the other "pro" about this product.

The entire 71-page booklet reads as if I were sitting in a room with Rob and had him just walk me through a handful of his "quick money ideas that worked".

I think this will be even more welcomed by readers now during the Christmas Holiday "I need money" crunch.

It provides useful emergency-cash information and is practically free. But more importantly, one of Rob Toth's first ideas was last year for his "Christmas money" needs. He needed $1200, wanted $1800 but created over $2100. Sound good to you? That's just one of the 4 detailed examples.

I recommend grabbing a copy.

Visit his webpage to grab it at the Special Holiday promotion price:


NOTE: The reason it's at the "nearly free" price I've mentioned is to generate buzz. Rob knows a thing or two about his marketing but it doesn't make sense for him to keep offering it at the current price for much longer. You'll find how many copies are available at his page (above). But last I checked, he was selling hundreds per day.

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