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What Do You Do When You Get Stuck?

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 12/11/2009 07:01:00 PM

There's no doubt in my mind that Internet marketing has a pretty steep learning curve.  While it may be true that some new marketers hit it big quickly with some good timing, offline experience, luck, great contacts, and being correctly positioned, the majority of new marketers find success at a much slower pace.

What makes the pace even slower is getting stuck.  It's like getting your car stuck in the mud - you spin your wheels, waste gas, waste time, throw mud all over... and don't go anywhere.  You're tired and frazzled and you've got nothing to show for it.

When I get stuck with my Internet marketing, I try to stop banging my head against the wall and come up with something that will be a positive action such as:

  1. Google the problem.

  2. Go to the Warrior Forum and look it up with the search function.

  3. Look in Yahoo Answers.

  4. Email my techie friend, my marketer friend, or my WordPress friend (which is one reason I love networking with other marketers.)

  5. Post my problem on a forum.

  6. Look for YouTube videos that might explain how to do it.

  7. Submit a help ticket.
What do you do?  I'm sure I've forgotten something.  Please tell me your getting unstuck methods.

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