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How To Write a Believable Product Review

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 12/17/2007 01:28:00 AM

Product reviews are an exceptional tool to drive traffic to a desired website. It is content that is both valuable and readers expect a link in the review so that they can see the product for themselves. As an affiliate marketer, product reviews are a great way to drive traffic to a website via click-throughs.

However, in order for a product review to be an effective traffic generation tool, it must be believable. No one is going to buy a product that has only pros, no cons and a lot of exclamation points! (Or at least they shouldn’t.)

Here are a few great tips to consider when writing your next product review:

Tip #1

Every review must answer these questions:

• What does the product promise?
• How well does it achieve those goals?
• Is it a good value?
• What are the drawbacks of the product?

Tip #2

Reviews can be solitary or comparative. Sometimes it’s easier to compare products than to simply evaluate one single product. Remember when comparing products to compare the same types of products, apples to apples so to speak. A review comparing copywriting software with video production software won’t help anyone make a decision. Consider what features to compare. If you talk about the cost of one product, be sure to talk about the cost of the other. If you have a bias toward one product, be honest and tell readers that you prefer one over the other but don’t leave out features or drawbacks simply because they place a preferred product in a darker light.

Tip #3

Be honest. Think about the reader. Think about the goal. You want visitors to respect your opinion and make a purchase. Talk to visitors and then write the review as if talking to a friend. This not only enhances the copy because it’s written conversationally, but it will ensure that the review feels genuine to its reader.

Tip #4

It isn’t always possible to try every product that is reviewed however, if you cannot try the product or service out personally, do as much as possible to learn about the product. Then the review not only sounds educated, you are able to actually provide quality advice and information to the reader.

Affiliate Disclosure
  1. James Mann December 17, 2007 at 4:55 AM  

    Thanks for the tips on product reviews. I find, far too often, that I sit there thinking about writing a review and my brain just goes blank.

    I should have thought about just making a short list of Do's and Do Not's for product reviews.

  2. EJ December 17, 2007 at 2:39 PM  

    You are welcome James and thanks for stopping by again!

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