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The Next "Hot" Business Idea: Reselling PLR Content (FREE Sample PLR Pack)

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 4/22/2010 09:20:00 AM

As soon as creating websites became easy for anybody to do, the demand for online content has been growing.

According to Technorati, 1.4 blogs are created every second, every day. That's plenty of content needed to keep each blog fresh and updated. This doesn't even include static websites that also need content.

No wonder Private Label Rights (PLR) content has become a growing online business. PLR is a boon to website publishers, because it allows them to use the content any way they want -- short of passing on the PLR to their own customers.

PLR can:

- cut down the time it takes to research a topic
- make writer's block a non-issue
- be reformatted in almost endless ways, providing tons of content
- make content creation much faster, easier and cheaper

If you're interested in getting into the PLR business yourself, one good approach is to resell PLR content. That is, you purchase PLR content with resell rights. This allows you to sell the content and pass along the PLR to your customers.

This makes the PLR business much easier, because it eliminates the need to:

- find, hire and manage writers
- brainstorm topic ideas month after month
- monitor the quality of the content -- if your source of resell PLR content is reliable

How to Resell PLR

Because selling PLR is a lucrative online business, you will face many competitors. But if you're creative, you can easily stand out from competitors who are also offering PLR content.

Of course, you could resell the PLR content as is. Why stop there?

Here are even better ideas:

- Convert the PLR articles to a different format:

    - autoresponder messages
    - special reports
    - audio recordings
    - videos
    - slideshow presentations
    - e-course

- Pre-load the PLR content into a website/WP blog

Many online marketers are in the business of flipping sites. That is, they buy underperforming sites cheaply, make them more profitable and then sell them for a huge profit.

You can do this easily with resell PLR content: Create a niche affiliate site, preload it with resell PLR articles, and then sell the site. This has a much higher perceived value than PLR articles!

The Importance of Quality

The thing with running a PLR business is this: you will survive only if you consistently provide high-quality PLR content at an affordable price. Remember, your business and reputation are on the line.

One source I highly recommend is AllResellContent.com by Alice Seba and Mila Sidman. Alice and Mila have been in the PLR business since 2006 and have been making a good living from it. They've lasted this long only because they have been consistently providing high-quality PLR content.

And now, they're offering PLR content with resell rights. As a member of AllResellContent, every month, you will get 50 articles in five different topics. That's enough PLR content to keep your customers happy month after month.

All Resell ContentClick here to download a free sample of 10 PLR articles with resell rights:

AllResellContent FREE Sample Pack

You'll get a free sneak peek at the quality of articles you'll get as a member of AllResellContent. 

Try them out to see if it's right for you.

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