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How to Use Blogging as a Tool to Market a Product

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 3/31/2010 12:15:00 AM

Blogging is a great way to connect with your audience and prospects on a different level. Blogs offer you a more personal interaction with your audience. An interaction that lets you ask questions, provide answers and even debate online.

Blogs enable you to offer an opinion, good or bad, and to simply rant or rave about something should you choose to do so. By offering a myriad of communication options unrivaled by other content forms, blogs make it easy to market a product.

Here’s how:

  • Reviews.   One of the most powerful forms of marketing is to write a simple review as a blog post. This works particularly well if you’re an affiliate marketer because a review of a product comes across as unbiased, as it should, while at the same time demonstrates the benefits of a product. It presells a product or service, which is the primary responsibility of an affiliate marketer. However, you can also ask outside parties, guest bloggers, to review your products or services and then either post their reviews on your website or link to them in a blog post written by you.
  • Lists.   People love lists, whether they’re lists of useful products, resources or even steps to take to accomplish something. You can market your product by blogging a list and including it in your list. For example, if you sell a book on how to start a business, you could blog a list of valuable resources for aspiring entrepreneurs, including of course your book as a final bullet on your list. Include a short blurb about your product and include a link to your sales page. 
  • Success Stories.   People enjoy reading success stories and they’re a wonderful attribute to your products or services. Using the above example of a business that sells a book on how to start your own business, you could blog about a success story or case study from a client. If possible, include a link to your success story’s website so it works as a credible testimonial and include a link to your sales page so others can purchase and experience the same success. 
  • Share a controversy or start a debate.   Blogs are often used to incite conversation, this of course drives traffic because people are able to communicate their opinions and participate in the conversation. Tap into a current controversy or debate and share your opinion and expertise. If your product or service is a solution to a problem related to the controversy then you can give it a quick plug with a link to your sales page. 
Blogging to promote your product or service is an excellent way to communicate with your audience in an honest and open venue. You can provide them with valuable and interesting information, leave room for conversation and comments, and link to your sales page or the product or service you’re affiliated with.

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