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Do You Practice What You Preach?

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | 11/13/2009 12:07:00 AM

Have you ever noticed that some internet marketers don't practice what they preach?

They go on and on with what sounds like really good advice and then you notice that they don't follow the business model or best business practice they're touting.

Here are some examples:

They say...Don't send your list promotion after promotion. 

They do...Promotion after promotion. 

You don't have to bother opening their email after awhile; you know what's going to be in it - a promotion for their buddy's new product.

Send the people on your list meaty valuable content and sprinkle in some promotions.


They say...You should be blogging on a regular basis to build your brand.

They do...Not keep up with their own blogging.

Are they just too busy? Is blogging really not a good business model?

Blogging can be a great platform for building your brand by giving information that shows you're an expert and by doing it in a way that shows your personality. People like that and will not only follow you but buy your products. It's also the place to sell affiliate products, do honest product reviews and show a personal picture or two.

They say...Use article marketing to drive traffic to your site.

They do...No article marketing.

While it's true some of them may still do article marketing under a pen name, many have moved on to easier and more lucrative ways to bring traffic in. They may have established a good following and don't have to constantly write articles. 

Article marketing can definitely work, but it's harder than it seems and there are a lot of nuances you need to know, like how to make your title bring in readers and how to craft your bio so people will click on your link. And be aware article marketing is not the only way to generate traffic.

They say...Put AdSense on your sites and you will make some good money from that.

They do...Little, if any, AdSense on their sites.

They use the space to advertise their own products, affiliate products, and paid product ads.

The reality is Google is not going to fill your pockets with AdSense money unless you practice a little search engine optimization, use some awesome longtail keywords, and get the necessary traffic.

They say...You've got to create a product, load an autoresponder, bring in traffic, and so on.

They do...Not tell you how to do it.

You can't build your business on "you shoulds". 

If you don't know how to do something find a mentor, hire someone to do the more difficult aspects, or look at YouTube for an instructional video.

They say...You should do blah, blah, blah on your website.

They do...None of what they just told you to do.

Sometimes you'll read or listen to someone's words of wisdom and when you check to see if they've done it, it's obvious they haven't. If they aren't doing what they tell you to do it makes you wonder... Are they purposefully leading you off course? Are they just spouting words they've heard others preach? Do they not know how to technically do it? Are they just trying to sell the latest and greatest but would never use it themselves? How does this make you feel about that marketer?

Now, if they tell you to do something and admit it's something they need to work on too, then it's all okay.

The bottom line is if you're going to preach, then preach what you practice. And when others are preaching to you, listen to what they say and form your own judgment. Some of what marketers are preaching is yesterday's news and not what really works in today's marketing. Another thing to consider is that your circumstances may be different.

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