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Thanks to the Intenet, the affiliate marketing industry has grown significantly over the years. The concept of affiliate marketing, which is based largely on revenue sharing and commission-based payment schemes, has been around for many years prior to the advent of the Internet. It is now a multi-faceted industry that is highly complex, diverse and is a huge business which continues to grow. Increase your chances of success by using these affiliate marketing resources:
Affiliate Marketing Information
As an affiliate marketer, you must constantly keep yourself updated about news, trends and current practices in the industry. Related blogs, forums and websites are another affiliate marketing resource you shouldn't miss. Learn from other affiliate marketers and find out about how you can improve your own results.
Read other affiliate marketing sites such as: Super Affiliate Mindset, Shawn Collins' Affiliate Marketing Blog, Super Affiliate Marketing Blog, Uber Affiliate, A Best Web, AssociatePrograms.com, 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums, and Webmaster-talk. You can learn from the content provided in these sites and even build your own network of contacts.
Free Keyword Tools
Affiliate marketing programs work best when they are designed to target a specific niche or segment of the market. This is where keywords can play a major role. Using a good keyword tool becomes an excellent affiliate marketing resource. It can help you search for keywords that are relevant to your affiliate program.
Try keyword tools such as Google AdWords: Keyword Tool, Free Search Term Suggestion Tool byKeywordDiscovery.com and Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker. Google Adwords can help you search for keywords based on their relevance and will even suggest keywords you can use. The statistics indicating competition can be very useful also. With these resource tools, you could start creating keyword-rich articles, categories, ads and links for your website.
PDF Creators
Sometimes in the course of your affiliate marketing business you will have to produce written reports and e-books to either promote your affiliate program or products. You will need to use a PDF document creator such as Adobe, pdf995, PrimoPDF and Open Office Writer to create your documents. You can then embed your referral links in these documents so prospective affiliates and customers will find your website.
Building Traffic
Your website's traffic is a goldmine. Traffic is where you'll find prospective affiliates, partners and customers. Without strong traffic, it would be difficult for your business to grow. Some affiliate marketing resource tools you can use include:
1. Statistics
To use traffic as an affiliate marketing resource, it's important to learn how to interpret it. Information collected from the traffic you receive is an excellent basis for learning about how your business has been performing and if there are any changes you need to implement. Use free tracking tools such as StatCounter and Google Analytics to learn about the type of traffic your website has been attracting.
2. RSS and/or blog directories
If you have created articles that are optimized for search engines, you can maximize their exposure by submitting them to directories that contain RSS and blog collections. Since these websites categorize their entries, it's easier for your target market to find you and learn about your affiliate marketing program. Here are just a few: RSSfeeds.com, RSSTop55, Free Directories with high PR, and Free RSS Submission Directories List.
3. E-mail Auto Responders

Some of the most successful affiliate marketing programs target and maintain big mailing lists that they use to promote their products to. You'll have to set up these auto responders so you can efficiently manage your own mailing lists. Consider resources such as AWeber, FreeAutoBot and GetResponse.

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    Good Info

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    wonderful tips,i learnt a lot

  3. Stephanie May 21, 2008 at 9:24 PM  

    Great tips. DO you feel that people rely too much on one advertising media and then penalize themselves? I find so many people focus on Google and then flounder when Google changes their formula.

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    Fantastic info about Affiliate Marketing.
    The marketing tools you mentioned here are very helpful for us to succeed in joining Affiliates.
    Keyword search is very important in promoting your affiliates and these keyword research tools are very important, but I think it's good to get a tool which is Fee-Based. This tools will give much better results.

  5. earn May 22, 2008 at 11:58 PM  

    Want to say good post on affiliate marketing resources.Your writing helped me to know about StatCounter and Google Analytics which helps in learning about the type of traffic our website has been attracting,how to maximize our articles exposure by submitting them to directories that contain RSS and blog collections and how to set up auto responders so we can efficiently manage our own mailing lists.with resources like AWeber, FreeAutoBot and GetResponse.
    keep posting.

  6. Emirhan May 23, 2008 at 5:19 AM  

    Great article. The thing I like about affiliate marketing is the money I make is a bonus. I do not spend a lot of time trying to get money from it but it just seems to bring in money, which is great.

  7. massivepwn July 13, 2008 at 4:30 AM  

    Great resource for a beginner! It's important to also note that information an ebook provides must be quality content in order to gain any backlinks and affiliate commissions.

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